Rabu, 19 Februari 2014


You know SUPERMAN ? Of course, everyone knows Superman , a superhero is known by almost all human d earth . Remember you about the origin of Superman ? Yes , Superman is told from another planet is the planet krypton .

This time I will discuss the use of money for clothes shopping superman exotic flight ( outside the underwear , the color red again ) . Currency used by Criptocurency because Superman is Superman came from the planet Krypton . and the name of its currency is the Bitcoin

The presence of Bitcoin , a digital currency that is quite volatile , making this type of currency to be a trend as well as a new option for the transaction in the internet world .

As quoted from newyorker.com , digital currency that is present in January 2009 has a system that is much different from conventional money .

Bitcoin could be analogous to mine gold ( or other precious minerals ) . The miners are those who dedicated computer resources to solve a mathematical problem by calculating the " weight " .

Miners is at first perhaps only someone with a home computer . But this time , in early 2014 , bitcoin mining process is done through a device that is specifically designed and carried out collectively ( called nodes ) .

Every 10 minutes , the system will bitcoin bitcoin confers a number of units ( 25 , for example ) on one node miners .

Mined amount per 10 minutes will go down over time , until exhausted in approximately the year 2140 . With the total amount that can be mined bitcoin as many as 21 million units .

Bitcoin is generated functions like a conventional currency and accepted as payment for a variety of products online transactions .

What is the value of a bitcoin ?

Currency that can be converted into another currency made ​​its debut with the equivalent value of one bitcoin is less than 1 U.S. dollar and continued to show a fluctuating value .

Sites like Preev.com simply shows how the value of one unit of bitcoin ( 1 BTC ) in conventional currencies . For example , on January 11, 2014 at 21:30 pm , the value is 911 U.S. dollars .

Bitcoin can be used for various things , such as for the purchase of goods in stores ( both physical onlinemaupun ) who receive it .

Just look at bitcoinstore.com , users can purchase electronics , including cameras , musical instruments , and computers . There is even a casino bitcoin , like SatoshiBet .

Development seen by the increasing number of merchants who accept bitcoin . Including big names such as wordpress.com , namechap.com , sertareddit.com .


Bitcoin is the originator of the figure named Satoshi Nakamoto . Allegedly this figure is a pseudonym that can be used by a group of people . True identity is still unknown .

Nakamoto since the beginning of designing bitcoin as a decentralized system . In contrast with conventional money , no one institution can make policies that affect the value of the currency . While conventional currencies always have a central authority .

Bitcoin was , especially in the early days , so an alternative for those who do not like to trust the government , central bank , or a third -party institution to maintain the value of the currency and ensure the user transaction .

In Bitcoin , it was replaced with the use of mathematical and cryptographic calculations .

Each transaction in the bitcoin will be tested through a cryptographic system that spread over peer-to - peer . It is estimated there are tens of thousands of systems participating in this test .

Bitcoin is not free from theft . However , every bitcoin is stolen will remain recorded in the system so that when used to transact any , in theory , will always be tracked .

Bitcoin is a decentralized system made ​​many people refer to it as the internet for money . If the Internet is revolutionizing the way global communications , Bitcoin is believed to change the way the world uses money .

Therefore , Bitcoin often predicted as a future currency ( Kompas Daily Source )